Driver Training

We provide professional ethic and defensive driving training for drivers. This includes your driver that is not recruited by us, we brainstorm together with you to identify their training need and we prepare a training that would achieve result.

Our in house Defensive driving course develops drivers’ concentration, observation, anticipation and planning skills so as to prevent accidents; protect the driver from the actions of others and show how to deal with adverse road and weather conditions (High Risk Environment). 

Our course content is available on request

We would also provide practical / hand on training services for drivers. These are some of the indices that we watch out for during the practical training.

Benefits of Our Training

  • Prevent road accident and eliminate cost associated with them.
  • Improves company’s image from driver’s greater care and courtesy.
  • Increase drivers’ morale leading to higher productivity.
  • Savings on fuel cost. Good driver use less fuel. The way you drive affects the amount of fuel your vehicle uses. Simply driving more smoothly can save up to 30 percent or more on fuel – and defensive driving habits enable smooth driving.
  • Ensures that your vehicles are driven responsibly and respectfully.
  • Training Participants receives: A certificate of attendance, a comprehensive student manual which consolidates course content; and course material such as folder, writing materials and other souvenir from Driving Solution.