Fleet Audit

We take a comprehensive look at your operation before we make recommendations. Our goal is a Fleet Audit Report that helps us quantify your costs.

During the audit we;

  • Tour your facility and observe your vehicle operations
  • Identify the fleet profile and establish responsibilities for vehicles
  • Interview managers, supervisors and drivers
  • Evaluate maintenance and repair procedures
  • Audit total fleet costs
  • Access drivers and maintenance skills
  • Evaluate administrative procedures

After the audit, we recommend improvements that will reduce your costs immediately. We bring a fresh approach to your organization, with simple changes that make a cost saving difference

  • Improve individual vehicle applications
  • Standardize the fleet fuel source, attachments and parts sourcing
  • Evaluate complementary handling equipment
  • Project “Economic Life” of your vehicles
  • Provide innovative acquisition programs

There is no conflict with your normal end of the year audit, while the usual audit checks if accounts represents a true and fair view our fleet audit would safe you cost, it would suggest the best way to have a safe fleet operation and our fleet audit compliment the normal fleet audit.